Sunday, March 1, 2015

Cricket World Cup 2015 Tickets

To make the Cricket World Cup 2015 ticket reasonable for individuals, the tickets costs of the approaching World Cup in 2015 have been kept in a reach which is feasible for individuals to bear. The seats are partitioned into three classes which are as per the following: 

Class 1 – These are the costliest constrained seats adjacent to the structure. The cost for booking online in this class is in US Dollars and extents from US $ 3,450 to US $ 4,000. 

Class 2 – These are the standard numbered seats accessible for booking. The value ranges from US $ 2,490 to US $ 2,900. 

Class 3 – These seats are the regular seats which entitles holder of the ticket to enter inside the stadium and sit according to the accessibility of the seat. The cost of these seats ranges from US $ 1,890 to US $ 2,000. 

Until further notice, the Cricket World Cup 2015 tickets booking are accessible in US Dollars just. With the progression of time and accessibility of the Cricket World Cup 2015 tickets, evaluating can be made adaptable and tickets made accessible in different coinage.

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